Reno C. Vitale founded Vita-Charge in April, 1991 as a Toner Recycling Company. With a vast number of companies increasingly using laser printers, a reliable, much needed product was made available to save them up to 50% on their toner cartridge costs! As business continued to grow, Vita-Charge was ready to make the transition from a part-time operation into a full-time company.

In November of 1991, Reno went full-time as the Sole Proprietor, conducting the business from his home. Then, in January of `92 Vita-Charge reached a new milestone as Bill Digirolamo was brought in as a business partner. Bill brought extensive computer skills to the company and established himself as a knowledgeable service technician. In addition to his computer-repair duties, Bill assumed a role of orchestrating the delegation of service assignments within Vita-Charge allowing Reno to concentrate on the operation and development of the company. Reno's business experience coupled with Bill's technical skills launched Vita-Charge's role as a major player in the Computer Repair business.

Expansion was inevitable, and in July of `93, Vita-Charge moved to a new (and current) location: 2510 Ligonier Street, Latrobe, PA. As time passed, the need for employees continued to grow. There are currently five personnel on staff at Vita-Charge and the company has grown into a major business in the Tri-State area. Pittsburgh Business Times rated Vita-Charge as one of the "Top 100 Growing Business'" in the area for 1996!

We extend a big "thank you" to all of our current and past customers for their support in helping us to obtain this rating!