Computer Sales & Services

Vita-Charge builds new computers designed specifically to meet a customer's needs. We build systems as simple as one used for the internet and to check email. We can also build the latest gaming computer, a business workstation, or even your business' next server.

Even after your computer system is built and installed, Vita-Charge will be their for each new step of your comptuer's lifespan to help maintain and expand it to meet your growing needs.

Although we build and maintain our own computer systems it is important to remember that we also repair and upgrade other brand's as well. Call today and we can discuss your computing needs.

Printer Sales & Services

Printers play another very important role in the Vita-Charge business. We are able to sell many brands of printer although we primarily deal in Hewlett Packard printers. As a HP Authorized Support Provider we are able to do any necessary warranty repairs for a customer which allows us to be there for you even after the sale.

Beyond HP printers there are many other printers and plotters that we are capable of repairing for you. This is always growing as new printers come out and the best way to see if we can help you is to call.

Cartridge Refill & Recycling

Along with any printer bought, there will be consumables that go along with it. To ease the cost of printer cartidges Vita-Charge is able to recycle those of your laserjet printer. In some cases the cost is half that of buying a new cartridge and it produces exactly the same print quality. Along with just refilling the cartridges we also replace worn out parts so that, in some cases, we can infinitly refill a cartridge. To see if we can recycle your cartridge call us today.